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I’ve created a poll, but have yet to figure out how to post it. Sigh.

If anyone knows how to please let me know!





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Okay, have a couple to announce.

First, my story Aiyana’s Affair With Mother Nature is out for your reading pleasure! I hope you take the chance to read!

Also, Swing! the anthology was released today in print! Although it is available at many retail stores, if you plan to order, please use this link for today!



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Hey folks! Just a quick note here. I’m editing a story that must go out tonight for a competition.

I have a new story being released on Wednesday. I’ll post more once I get this editing completed!



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Ya know, when it comes to remakes for me there is a 50/50 chance it’s going to suck. This movie in no way sucked, but I guess I was expecting more.

We all know that Jason Vorhees is my fave horror figure! All he wants to do is slash the topless bimbos and horny young men.

The remake of Friday the 13th is pretty much just that…except the gals all have implants and the sex scenes are more graphic along with the language.

Now, I can handle the language, but I’m a horror fan…I don’t care for the sex scenes…just want my horror!

What I did really like about this one was how fast Jason moved.

What I didn’t like was I couldn’t seem to connect with any of the characters.

Honestly, I would love to see what Rob Zombie could do with a Friday the 13th remake. He did an excellent job remaking Halloween.

As for this remake, the original was a lot better, although I liked some of the FX and glad they stayed away from a lot of the computer graphics.

Would I own it? Yeppers!

Would I rate it? Sure…give it a 7/10.

Just your lil’ movie buff!




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I can’t remember if I posted this, but I’m going to go through all my writing e-mails and attempt to update. Sorry if a repeat!




Good News!

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I found out today that Swing! will be in print July 1st! This is excellent!

I have several books published, but I’ve never have had one in print and will actually be sold at Barnes and Noble among other places! I just can’t wait to hold the book in my hands and see my story inside!

So, be on the look for it!




Much Better!

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Thank God! I’m back on track feeling better! Basically took me about a week to feel 100% me! Arggh!

I have a few new posts coming either today or early this week!

All for now!